• Optimum protection of the operator and the environment.
  • Optimum ergonomic design with large opening and considerable working height.
  • Control panel with digital keyboard and LCD screen.
  • Glass side panels for visual comfort.

Hotte de pesée : OS-N Reverse Techgen


The OS-Reverse TechGen protects the operator and the environment from powders, aerosols and toxic fumes.

The air is extracted from the workspace, filtered through a G4 prefilter then an H14 HEPA filter, and discharged above the workspace.


Epoxy painted sheet metal exterior.
Stainless steel work surface with rounded edges.
Safety-glass side panels.
Electronically controlled fan.
H14 HEPA filters (efficiency > 99.995% MPPS as per EN 1822).


dimensions (cm)
dimensions (cm)
*Unit delivered in four parts to pass through 76cm doorways (work surface, side panels, motor and filters, support stand) and assembled on-site by our staff.
OS-N RF 3 89 60 74 95 92 120
OS-N RF 4 119 60 74 125 92 120
OS-N RF 5 149 60 74 156 92 120
OS-N RF 6 180 60 74 186 92 120

Secure standby mode.

1 IP44 electric socket.

Pre-drilled holes in side panels.
(3 per side)

Lighting in excess of 1000 lux.

Stainless steel work surface.

Self-regulation automatically regulates the speed, the microprocessor-controlled fan compensates for filter clogging.
This option also includes:

  • Operating parameter display: speeds, airflow, residual lifetime of filters, etc.
  • Audio and visual alarms: abnormal speed, fan or sensor malfunction, HEPA filter clogging, power failure, etc.


  • tap (gas, vacuum, water, N2 on request)
  • additional socket
  • RJ45, USB, RS 232 ports

Hanging bar.
To hang bags.

Trespa work surface.

Antivibration platform.
Accurate to 0.1 mg.

Volt-free contact.
For on/off relay.

Additional exhaust filter (two-fan version).

  • active carbon filter
  • HEPA filter

Plenum box between the hood and the exterior.

Shutter curtain.

UV lamp with timer and alarm with shutter curtain.


Support stands:

  • Epoxy painted steel.
  • Stainless steel.
  • With casters.
  • Electrically adjustable.