• High-adsorption filters.
  • Control panel with digital keyboard and LCD screen.
  • Ergonomic design with safety-glass front sash tiltable on hinges.
  • Glass side panels for user comfort.
  • Compliant with NF X 15211, BS 7258-1 and EN 61010-1.

CoalSafe TechGen - Hotte chimique


The CoalSafe TechGen is a hood fitted with an active carbon filter that protects the operator and the environment from fumes and toxic gases.

Air is drawn into the workspace via the front aperture then filtered in the upper part through a prefilter, then an active carbon filter.


Epoxy painted sheet metal exterior.
Acid- and alkali-resistant resin spill tray.
PVC rear panel.
Safety-glass side panels and front sash.


dimensions (cm)
dimensions (cm)
CoalSafe 06 53 60 66 60 76 112
CoalSafe 09 82 60 66 89 76 112
CoalSafe 12 111 60 66 119 76 112
CoalSafe 15 144 60 66 150 76 112

Full range of carbon and hepa filters

Our specialists are on hand to advise you on suitable filters according to the products used and the conditions of use (frequency of replacement, duration of handling, etc.).
The types of carbon proposed are adapted to the type of products handled and offer high retention capacities for the following products:

Type of filterApplications
AC Organic fumes
SULF Acid fumes
CYAN Hydrocyanic acid
MER Mercury
FOR Formaldehyde
AM Ammonia
ACR Radioactive iodine
HEPA Toxic particles and powders

Secure standby mode.

Rear-panel cable entry inlet.

Fluorescent lighting > 1000 lux.

Acid- and alkali-resistant composite work surface.

Self-regulation automatically regulates the speed, the microprocessor-controlled fan compensates for filter clogging.
This option also includes:

  • Operating parameter display: speeds, airflow, residual lifetime of filters, etc.
  • Audio and visual alarms: abnormal speed, fan or sensor malfunction, HEPA filter clogging, power failure, etc.

Fluids :

  • tap (gas, vacuum, water, N2 on request)
  • additional socket
  • RJ45, USB, RS 232 ports

Hanging bar.
To hang bags.

Antivibration platform.
Accurate to 0.1 mg.

Volt-free contact.
For on/off relay.

Additional exhaust filter box without connection

  • active carbon filter
  • HEPA filter

Additional exhaust filter with hood connected to the exterior

  • active carbon filter
  • HEPA filter

Support stands:

  • Epoxy painted steel.
  • Stainless steel.
  • With casters.
  • Electrically adjustable.