The Parsortix® PC1 Clinical System is a next generation liquid biopsy technology. Starting from a simple blood draw, which is non-invasive and can be repeated as often as needed, the system enriches to provide intact cancer cells, providing a real-time sample for subsequent analyses by common laboratory techniques*, enabling a complete picture of the cancer.

Unlike ctDNA, which is limited to DNA analysis and is the focus for most of the liquid biopsy industry, a full range of analyses can be undertaken with CTCs, giving a potential alternative to a tissue biopsy.

Angle Parsortix


The Parsortix system is simple, effective and affordable.
Capture circulating tumor cells that aren’t being caught by antibody (often EpCAM) based systems – this includes the capture of mesenchymal cells and CTC clusters.

High capture efficiency and purity of CTCs.

Easy access to the CTCs to feed a wide range of downstream analysis – including protein expression, DNA/ RNA analysis and single cell picking/ analysis.

Plasma for ctDNA analysis can be removed prior to processing the cellular component of a blood sample – hence ctDNA and CTCs from a single sample.

Cells recovered from the Parsortix system are viable.

Simple operation with minimal user intervention required.